Women’s Auxiliary

The Salvation Army’s Women’s Auxiliary is a dynamic group of women empowering families in need. The purpose is to raise public awareness of The Salvation Army, to facilitate services to the needy and to strengthen the financial support of the local Salvation Army.

  Judith Bracken serves as Women’s Auxiliary President

Judith Bracken said she is honored to serve as President of The Salvation Army Nashville Women’s Auxiliary and is always looking for new ways to serve Christ.  Her goal? To energize the Auxiliary even more and bring in new members.

An award-winning Christian poet, Bracken has published two books, “Holy Homes & Pious Poems” and “Warriors’ Wishes, Wisdoms & Wings.”

Bracken’s passions are writing, photography, art, jewelry design, languages, religion and science. She has lived in
17 cities, six states and three countries, and speaks three languages.

In the faith community, over the years, she has enjoyed teaching Sunday school, confirmation classes and serving as a lay reader and on altar guilds.

In the workforce, she has enjoyed service as a board member of 10 years, working with Michael W.Smith’s Rocketown. In the community, she supports  other community organizations, like, the Nashville Ballet, The Nashville Symphony, Frist Center, Nashville Opera, Cheekwood/Horticultural Society, and more.

More about Bracken and book information, www.judithkittredge.com

Women’s Auxiliary Members

Mrs. Glyna Aderhold
Mrs. Ellen Anderson
Ms. Ann Apple
Mrs. Cheryl Baird
Mrs. Suzanne Baker
Mrs. AliceAnn Barge
Ms. Barbara Bartoe
Ms. Nancy Bass
Mrs. Melinda Bass
Mrs. Fabra Belk
Mrs. Rochelle Berg
Mrs. Lyn Berry
Mrs. June Bogle
Mrs. Anne Bonds
Mrs. Rosemary Boone
Mrs. Mary Bowles
Mrs. Judith Bracken
Ms. Ann Brooks
Mrs. Ann Brothers
Mrs. Eileen Bryan
Mrs. Ann Bumstead
Mrs. Linda Burch
Mrs. Ginger Burress
Mrs. Martha Butler
Mrs. Beth Campbell
Mrs. Ruth Cannon
Mrs. Nancy Cardin
Mrs. Juanita Cate
Mrs. Nicky Cheek
Mrs. Tammy Cherney
Mrs. Arlyn Cherney
Mrs. Gayle Cherry
Mrs. Yvonne Christopher
Mrs. Dena Clary
Mrs. Dollye Clayton
Mrs. Lucille Cole
Ms. Ann Corbin
Mrs. Marion Couch
Mrs. Linda Cox
Mrs. Jean Crawford
Mrs. Susan Creagh
Mrs. Pam Crichton
Mrs. Margaret Cummings
Mrs. Helen Cummings
Mrs. Katherine Dale
Mrs. Helen Dale
Mrs. Martha Davis
Mrs. Adelaide Davis
Mrs. Florence Davis
Mrs. Sally Delvaux
Mrs. Dolores Dennard
Ms. MaryAnn Denney
Mrs. June Denny
Mrs. Holly Diller
Mrs. Linda Disspayne
Mrs. Dorothy Dorris
Mrs. Jo Doubleday
Mrs. Betty Douglass
Mrs. Judi Duling
Mrs. Barbara Dunn
Mrs. Harriet Dunn
Mrs. Judi Echols
Mrs. Sue Edwards
Mrs. Tish Elam
Mrs. Bev Elder
Mrs. Martha Elkin
Mrs. Barbara EzellJ
Mrs. Anne Faris
Mrs. Marilyn Fels
Mrs. Carole Fesmire
Mrs. MaryLou Fite
Mrs. Carolyn Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Carolyn Fleet
Mrs. NinaMargaret Freeman
Mrs. Nancy Fruetel
Mrs. Gerry Fuhrman
Mrs. Marie Fuqua
Mrs. Sallye Galloway
Mrs. Marilyn Gardner
Mrs. Janet Getz
Mrs. Jane Goidel
Mrs. Rebecca Gonzales
Mrs. Bobbi Graves
Mrs. Sarah Green
Mrs. Edna Green
Mrs. Peggy Groos
Mrs. Carolyn Gustafson
Mrs. Betty Hadley
Mrs. Ceacy Hailey
Mrs. Char Hancock
Mrs. Mary Handcock
Mrs. Laetitia Hardin
Mrs. Mickey Harrison
Ms. Julia Harrison
Mrs. Jean Hart
Mrs. Beth Harwell
Mrs. Jane Haynes
Mrs. Dixie Heagy
Mrs. Phyllis Heard
Mrs. Patricia Heim
Mrs. MarySue Heldman
Mrs. Linda Hendon
Mrs. LeAnn Henson
Mrs. Dottie Hetzel
Mrs. Ina Hitt
Mrs. Joyce Hitt
Mrs. Doris Hixon
Mrs. Barbara Hoffman
Mrs. Vicki Holton
Mrs. Nancy Hooper
Mrs. Beverly Houx
Mrs. Margie Howell
Mrs. Doll HuntJr.
Mrs. Bitsy Husband
Mrs. Joyce Jeffords
Mrs. Jean Jenkins
Mrs. Betty Johnson
Mrs. Denice Johnson
Mrs. Lenora Johnson
Ms. Edith Johnston
Mrs. Celia Jones
Mrs. Joan Jones
Mrs. Ellen Jordan
Mrs. Janet Keith
Mrs. Beth Kelso
Mrs. Connie King
Mrs. MaryPillow Kirk
Mrs. Janice LaGasse
Mrs. Ann Lauterbach
Major Beverly Lawrence
Mrs. Ellen Lea
Mrs. Myra Leathers
Mrs. Evelyn Lester
Mrs. Mary Lipscomb
Mrs. Janie Macey
Mrs. MaryLee Manier
Mrs. Nancy Marchese
Mrs. Libby Massie
Mrs. SusanS. Matthews
Mrs. Henrietta McGinness
Mrs. Peggy McHenry
Mrs. Doris Medlin
Mrs. Lucy Milton
Mrs. Alice Mitchell
Mrs. Ruth Mitchell
Mrs. Waldi Mizell
Mrs. Sue Montgomery
Mrs. Maribelle Moore
Mrs. Brenda Moore
Mrs. Mary Morgan
Mrs. Linda Murdock
Mrs. MaryJean Murphy
Mrs. Betty Norling
Mrs. Babs Oglesby
Ms. Vicki Oglesby
Mrs. Jean Oldfield
Mrs. Lenore Oldham
Mrs. Carolyn Overton
Mrs. Trish Parker
Mrs. Shara Parker
Mrs. Lynn Perry
Mrs. Jere Phillips
Mrs. Betty Philpot
Mrs. Marty Phipps
Mrs. Linda Pilson
Mrs. Lori Presley
Miss Carrie Proctor
Mrs. Carol Pulliam
Ms. Frances Ragland
Mrs. Peggy Raney
Mrs. Suzanne Reeves
Mrs. Jeanne Riddell
Mrs. Virginia Rippee
Mrs. Ann Robinson
Mrs. Elizabeth Rodgers
Mrs. Honey Rodgers
Mrs. Marianne Rogers
Mrs. Beth Ross
Mrs. Ellen Sadler
Mrs. Edna Salyer
Mrs. Sherytha Scaife
Mrs. Dorothy Scarlett
Mrs. Kathy Schultenover
Ms. Heather Sczepczenski
Mrs. Patricia Seale
Mrs. Vicki Sells
Mrs. Jo Servais
Mrs. Carolyn Sheffield
Mrs. Anne Shepherd
Mrs. Dee Shepherd
Mrs. Cathy Shull
Mrs. Brenda Siegel
Mrs. Sue Sieveking
Mrs. JoAnne Slaughter
Ms. Ceci Smith
Mrs. Jeanne Smith
Mrs. Ada Smith
Ms. PeggyPace Smith
Mrs. Sue Smith
Ms. BillieAnne Smith
Mrs. Sue Smith
Mrs. Brenda Steakley
Mrs. Sandy Stephenson
Mrs. Mary/Charlie Stover
Mrs. RuthStarr Strayhorn
Mrs. Sue Strayhorn
Mrs. Frances Stribling
Mrs. Carolyn Strode
Mrs. Jane Tacker
Ms. Kim Taylor
Mrs. MaryReady Taylor
Mrs. Betty Thackston
Mrs. Martha Thetford
Mrs. Martha Thompson
Mrs. Dottie Threadgill
Mrs. Cathy Turner
Mrs. Elizabeth Turner
Ms. Valerie VanEaton
Mrs. Cristin Viebranz
Major Janine Vincent
Mrs. Joyce Voorhees
Mrs. Anna Wadlington
Mrs. Janet Weaver
Mrs. Beth Weaver-Kline
Mrs. Meredith Weigel
Mrs. Patsy Weigel
Mrs. Gayle Welch
Mrs. Marilyn Whileman
Lt.Col Shirley White
Ms. Ann White
Mrs. Sylvia Whitefield
Mrs. Alva Wilk
Mrs. Reca Williams
Ms. Betty Williamson
Mrs. Barbara Williamson
Mrs. Dena Williamson
Mrs. Etta Wilson
Mrs. Dirl Wilson
Mrs. Joyce Wimberly
Mrs. Roberta Witherspoon
Mrs. Susie Woolwine
Mrs. Joan Yearwood
Mrs. Mary Youree
Mrs. Carol Zeitler