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Damien’s Story: Lifelong Connection Keeps Him Coming Back

Story and Photo by Branden Harvey

I met Damien at a cafe to interview him for this series last week & mid-way through our interview a man leaned over and said, “I don’t mean to interrupt, but are you Damien Horne?!” That’s when I found out that the guy I was talking to was a big deal.

Damien was 1/3rd of the popular country band ‘The Farm’ before going solo. We met while he was home from tour. His life, in many ways, is the quintessential Nashville success story. But his life didn’t necessarily start out with all that glamour. Damien grew up in a family of 12 kids. His mom didn’t always have a lot of money — and Christmas was especially hard. But Damien remembers Christmas being nothing short of magic because of Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Christmas Assistance. No matter how rough of a year his family was having, he remembers always getting to open presents & how much that meant. Years later, Damien encountered the Salvation Army in a new way. After finding some success in music, he hopped on a bus to Hollywood w/ a suitcase & $400. Damien was fresh out of school & without a plan. He quickly ended up living on the streets. Fortunately, he was able to move into the Salvation Army until he was able to get back on his feet.Soon enough, he made his way to Nashville — w/ a little more money, life experience, & a plan. It was here on 2nd Ave that Damien got his break. A big name artist happened to be walking by when Damien was performing. The artist invited him to meet some country music friends, then play, then tour, then gave him a publishing deal. And here he is today — still in the music business.

Damien’s life has been completely shaped by the work of this org. And not just when he was down on his luck. Now when Damien tours, he finds unique ways to give back to local Salvation Army locations wherever he performs. #storyportrait

This is part of a 3-part series with my partners @salvationarmyus. I’ve grown up hearing about the impactful work they do, but have never experienced it first-hand. I wanted to do this storytelling project to get to know the people who are directly impacted and share their stories w/ others around the holidays. Enjoy.

#FightForGood #SalvationArmyPartner

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