The Salvation Army Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity from The Salvation Army is a commitment to the future.  It is a way to guarantee that the humanitarian work of The Salvation Army carries on forever.  It is your contribution to eternal hope.

The best part of The Salvation Army Gift Annuity program is that your donation not only helps us perform our valuable services in Nashville, it also provides security for your own future.

The Salvation Army Charitable Gift Annuity program has been in existence for over 75 years.  Because the Gift Annuity is a legally binding contract between you and The Salvation Army, it is secure and durable, with all of the Army’s unencumbered assets pledged as security for the payments we make to you, or the beneficiary of your choice, during their lifetime.

There is another pledge that The Salvation Army makes to you.  We will use your gift to continue ministry and services to people of all races, creeds, and cultures; wherever we serve.  So, with a Charitable Gift Annuity with The Salvation Army, you can do something great for the Army, those we serve, and yourself – all at once.

Click Here for an illustration of how a Charitable Gift Annuity works.  Please take time to review this illustration and share it with your family and professional advisers.

If you would like to see how a Charitable Gift Annuity could work for you personally, please contact Kim Rutherford at 1-502-664-8582 (cell).  Kim will be happy to answer questions and send information detailing how a Charitable Gift Annuity may help you.