From Part-Timer to Successful Business Owner

Quantavia Foster needed help. She was in danger of having her power cut off, and as a mother of a young child, she knew that just couldn’t happen. She reached out to our Emergency Services program for assistance, but what she came away with was so much more than just money to keep her lights on for another month…it was an opportunity to change her and her child’s life.

When meeting with the case manager, she was asked a very important question, “Do you want to change your life’s circumstances?” She could have easily said no, taken the temporary assistance, and continued down the path of least resistance. Instead, she said yes, and made a choice to not only improve her life, but her daughter’s life as well.

She decided to travel the Pathway of Hope beginning in November of 2016. With the assistance of case managers, they were able to determine that her greatest roadblock was access to affordable childcare for her daughter after school that would allow her to go from working part-time to working full time. Through the Red Shield Kids Club, we were able to overcome that hurdle by providing a safe, nurturing environment for her daughter to gain access to tutoring, character building, and life skills classes. While her daughter was now busy in the afternoons at the Magness Potter Community Center, she was able to not only increase her hours at her job, but now has followed her dream of starting her own business. Within only 4 months of working with her Pathway of Hope case manager, she was the proud owner of Grade A Professionals, a residential and commercial cleaning company. Recently she has obtained a contract for her very first commercial property, along with the five residential properties already in her portfolio.

She is now in the process of giving back to the organization that helped change her life, by discussing a partnership with our Life Skills Learning Program – Work Place Essentials that would allow graduates to come onto her staff as employees. We are very excited about her future commitment to be Behind the Shield.

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