Our mobile disaster kitchen is volunteer-operated and serves 100-200 meals weekly during our Friday night Soup Wagon ministry under the Jefferson Street Bridge. This is a great time of service to and fellowship with our brothers and sisters who are homeless or living on the streets. Volunteers are recruited to prepare and serve each meal. Meal service starts at 6pm, and along with the meal, street family members are provided with snacks, drinks, and sometimes clothes and other gear. If you would like to help this ministry outside of helping serve the meal itself, we can use the following items!

Winter Gear Bags:
– Drawstring Bag or backpack
– Hot Hands
– Gloves and Hats
– Socks

Summer Gear Bags:
– Drawstring Bag or backpack
– Sunscreen
– Bug spray
– Reusable Water Bottle
– Socks

Remember that street family members can not simply dry their items if they get wet, and wet items can lead to frost bite and blisters. Extras of these items are immensely helpful to our street family members!

These items can be brought to 631 Dickerson Pk. Nashville, TN 37207 between 8am and 6pm daily. We will hand them out on Friday nights, and also have them available at our front desk and emergency services department for those who need them!